Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Free Reborn Stuff

So, I am still in the UNborn stage of reborning my Lena. I took her completely apart, so now I am waiting on my supplies to get here. I feel a little sad not to be able to hold and snuggle her, but I am excited, also, to have her reborn, soon.

While I'm waiting and in my 'nesting' stage, so to speak, I have been dreaming and watching videos of other people's reborns. One lady posted a video about getting free formula for her reborn, so I decided while I am nesting, I could register for free baby stuff for sweet little Lena. I don't feel it is dishonest, because as a reborn mother, I will need to purchase real baby things for her, so I am a viable customer to these companies, the same as any new mom. :-)

Free Formula


First, I went to Similac's website, and I entered their Strong Mom's club. I put my due date as March 17, because a St. Patty's Day baby girl would be great! I am supposed to get tons of offers and coupons from them. I think I may even get some formula samples for little Lena (Don't worry, I will be updating here, as soon as I get things).



Then, I went to Enfamil's Website, and I registered. I again put my due date as March 17th. I should soon be recieving some formula samples and coupons from them, as well. 


I found this site, telling that if you call 1-800-BABY123, you will get a 24 pack of nursettes. I haven't called it, yet, but I will maybe try, tomorrow! 

Parent's Choice

I also ended up at this site. It is registration for a formula sweepstakes, but they say they also give free formula samples and coupons, so I thought, why not. :-) 

Free Diaper Samples


This site offers samples for people in Malaysia only. 

Here is the US registration for the Huggies site. Not sure if they will send samples, but from past experience, they did send samples periodically. 


The Pamper's Site offers a registration. I'm not sure if I will get free samples, or not, but it can't hurt to try. :-)

Free Tea Samples

Free Tea Sample (Because I found it, it is unrelated to reborns)


Gerber's Link offers to send free samples and coupons when they come available.


I'm not sure if ANY of these sites will send free samples. I did sign up for them, and I will do a review when/if the free samples come in. Good luck getting free samples for your reborn!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Deciding About a Body Size for my Reborn

I've been trying to decide on what body size I want for my reborn. The original doll is a Lots to Cuddle doll by Berenguer. She has a really chubby body with really chubby limbs. I am trying to figure out if she looks if her head is proportionate to her body, or not. Her body, now, fits perfectly in newborn size clothes. She is so chubby, though, and her face and body look older than a newborn. I could easily make her a toddler, if I had larger limbs, but I already love her very chubby limbs. I'm not sure if I could find limbs that are as chubby as hers. I may end up just buying a little larger body, and making her a larger newborn size. So many decisions. :-)